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BLUM PROD // Automotive trays


They represent plastic trays, witch separe and confare protection to automotive parts during the transportation between different development stages, or between factories, but are mainly used for storage.

They can be of various dimensions, maximum 1800x200 millimeters with a depth of 600 millimeters, made from HIPS, HIPS-ESD, ABS, ABS-TPU, PET, with a thickness of up to 6 millimeters, corresponding to the required rigidity.

Depending on the exploitation methods, they can be disposable or reusable. The reusable trays can be designed so that they can also be stacked on the return, taking up half or less of the corresponding volume of parts. This optimizes storage and transportation space.

For heavy parts, we have developed trays made of two pieces assembled by gluing, to provide additional rigidity during handling and transport. When the parts require a higher degree of protection, the tray or certain areas of it can be covered with electroplush.


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