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BLUM PROD // Thermoformed parts


Represents a category of plastic parts with a dedicated utility. Thus they can be a component of a car, of a technical system, a housing of an equipment, body elements for vehicles, exhaust or ventilation pipes, etc.

Thermoformed subassemblies can have inserts - made of wood or metal - to facilitate assembly and fixing.

They can be made in a wide range of sizes, colors, materials, with glossy, matte or textured surfaces.

The subassemblies can have dimensions of maximum 1800x2200 mm, with a depth of 600 mm, made of HIPS, HIPS-ESD, ABS, ABS-PMMA, ABS-TPU, ABS-FR, PET, PMMA, with thicknesses up to 6 mm, corresponding to the required rigidity.


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